If you thought time travel already made no sense - wait until you play this game!

Picture this - it's your casual Saturday evening, you're walking back home from a long day at a bar, and BAM! You fall into an unmarked sinkhole, find remnants of a high-tech chrome-coated laboratory, and now you're stuck in a self-serving time loop with a killer robot, and you can't kill each other for WHATEVER REASON! Oh well.
Might as well co-operate... until you break the loop, that is!

You have to come together, if you want to live.

You're not the brightest, and neither is the robot - but, with the combined might of the two of you, you might just survive. However, the killer android is arguably in a worse position, as he's only able to replicate human behavior - YOUR BEHAVIOR!

Watch out for the butterfly effect!

You know this one theory which says that the flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a natural disaster in another part of the world?
Yeah, me neither, but what I do know is that, the more rooms you clear, the more probable it is you've made a horrendous mistake a few screens back - and it won't make itself apparent for a bit.


  • Use A and D to move around.
  • Press SPACE to jump.
  • R to restart current level.
  • BACKSPACE to go back to previous level.
  • Q to pause the killer robot.



Art & Game Design: redencya

Coding: RosieJ & madlime

Music & SFX: Ronan

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsRosieJ, redencya, MadL1me
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, Puzzle-Platformer, Short, Synthwave, Time Travel, Unity


Twominator.zip 33 MB


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on one of the first levels i encountered a bug where if i start the robot freezes and when i stop time the robot moves and i immediately get a paradox. :( 


This is super fun! Some pretty tough mechanics are being implemented flawlessly here... great job! 

I immediately fall through the floor.

I'm really sorry to hear that! It appears this is a bug which occurs if you move immediately after the game starts, but it's possible to play without that bug happening!


Really neat mechanic!

It can get really confusing having to manage so many levels, having to go back and back to fix your previous mistakes. Viewing more than one level at a time would help a lot.

Style, visuals, everything else was fantastic, good job everyone :)